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About Cadillac Accounts Receivable Management

Cadillac Accounts Receivable Management - Cadillac, MichiganCadillac Accounts Receivable Management, established in 1989, is a Michigan collection agency that specializes in collecting accounts receivable management for healthcare, commercial business, municipalities, state and local governments.

A keen understanding of the needs and processes of accounts receivable management makes Cadillac Accounts Receivable Management the logical choice, with specialists trained to assist businesses with successful accounts receivable management practices. CARM staff members have over 150 years of combined experience in accounts receivable management.

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Love Letters to … Debt Collectors?

Most people dread talking to debt collectors. But not Trish McCloskey Jacques. She found herself looking forward to the monthly collection calls reminding her that her payments were due.

Trish had married her high school sweetheart, Joseph Jacques. Right before Christmas in 2009, though, she almost lost him to a lung pyemia, a condition that developed after he was hospitalized for pneumonia. They both spent their holidays in the hospital, not knowing if he would pull through. “He probably should not be alive,” she says. As her husband struggled for his life, Trish devoted herself to his care.

“We had to live off our 401(k),” she explains. “When the bills started rolling in, I was terrified. I hated looking at that stuff.

“Although Trish made payment arrangements for the medical bills that weren’t covered by insurance, one bill wound up in collections. That’s when she heard from Sally, a collector with Cadillac Accounts Receivables Management Inc. (CARM) in Michigan.

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Is Your Money Locked up in Delinquent Medical Receivables?

Cadillac Accounts Receivable Delinquent MedicalCadillac Accounts Receivable Management is a Michigan collection agency that specializes in collecting accounts receivable for the health care industry. With over 20 years working primarily in the health care industry, C.A.R.M. is the logical choice to assist providers with their collection needs. Our staff consists of ACA-trained collectors well-versed in FDCPA regulations, HIPAA requirements, Red Flag Rules and FACR requirements. Electronic services include:

  • Early out Collection Services & Managed Payment Plan Services
  • Electronic Account Transfer
  • Secure File Transition via the web, encrypted PGP, PKZip encrytped E-Mail or direct FTP to our server
  • Automated Remittance available
  • The ability to view your accounts online securely
  • Manual account submission via our website or directly to our server
  • Utilize world class collection management software and the most advanced telephone calling technology in the collection industry.



Cadillac Accounts Receivable Management Services

Cadillac Accounts Receivable Management (CARM) specializes in early accounts receivable management and past due accounts. We are prepared to provide comprehensive management features.

  • Don't like making phone calls on past due delinquent accounts? Call CARM to find out how we can do this for you.
  • Optional credit reporting to National Credit Reporting Services.
  • Legal services, utilizing attorneys who are well versed in the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.
  • Provide workshops to train your staff on point-of-service accounts management techniques.

We are flexible and will tailor our collection services to suit your accounts receivable management needs.

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In accordance with state and federal laws, our services are structured to comply with:

  • Fair Debt Collections Practices Act
  • The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA)
  • Fair Credit Reporting Act

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